Art Parenting

Company: Art Parenting
Time Period: May 2012 – October 2012


Art Parenting is a surrogacy organization serving the east coast. They connect intended parents with surrogate mothers; providing compassionate, comprehensive and professional legal advice and accompanying services to families and mothers.


Reduce the Cost per Lead Acquisition cost in Google Adwords, determine where leads are coming from on a state by state basis and realize cost per conversion target goals, all while maintaining a high quality standard for each lead generated through Adwords.


Step 1: Think National, Act Local

Art Parenting represents clients in 13 states, mostly dotting the US eastern seaboard. Because surrogacy laws vary state to state, it is important to determine which states visitors hail from, highlight eligibility requirements and weed out any potential non-qualified leads. Organization of the Adwords campaign should reflect this.

Normally, Adwords campaigns are grouped according to theme. The idea is to create a group of keywords and supporting text and display advertisements according to visitor intent and where they are in the sales cycle (from the information gathering stage, to the buy now stage). With Art Parenting, the theme was grouped according to state. By segmenting Adwords by state, we could write specific ad copy aligning with the surrogate mother or the intended parents’ state of residence, making the language more persuasive and intimate. Conversely, the competition chose to opt for more general national ad copy.

Step 2: Not all Leads are Created Equal

Google Adwords can be a profitable marketing channel for businesses looking to generate more leads and sales for less money. This is the draw of Pay per Click Advertising. We want to know how much advertising dollars were spent per shopping cart purchase or lead generation. And even more importantly, we wish to know which products were purchased or type of lead landed. This is why not all purchases and leads are created equally. Some products are more profitable and some leads are more coveted.

Each Art Parenting lead is treated differently. Some states are more profitable than others because of the legal work involved and the likelihood of a surrogate mother becoming an actual client. In this instance, Massachusetts is more likely to convert while Georgia is less likely to yield the best lead. This means we are willing to pay a higher lead per conversion cost for MA than GA. And to reflect this in the Adwords account, we put in place stringent cost per lead target goals for each individual state. And over time, the goal was to constantly improve performance on a monthly basis. Success was defined as meeting or beating our target conversion goals based on a state-by-state basis while still maintaining the integrity of leads.


Adwords Keyword Quality Scores


art parenting adwords quality score before


art parenting adwords quality score after


Before, Adwords keyword Quality Scores for the entire account averaged between 3/10 – 4/10. After, Adwords keyword Quality Scores jumped to averaging 8/10 – 10/10 throughout the entire Adwords account. The result in jump in averages allowed Art Parenting to pay less on a click-by-click basis versus the competition and rank higher in average positioning.

Overall Adwords Performance


art parenting adwords account performance before


art parenting adwords after


The most important improvement category, Cost per Conversion decreased by $47.62 ($86.16 – $34.54). In other words, the marketing cost per lead dropped by 60%. Other gains were made in Click-through-Rate, Average Position and Conversion Rate percentages.

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