Company: OrthoVet
Website: www.orthovet.com
Time Period: January 1, 2012 – July 1, 2012


Orthovet helps animals get back on the move. Specializing in ortho products for dogs, cats and other animals, their splints and braces are recommended by veterinary clinics throughout the US.


Pinpoint the most popular keywords and phrases for people searching for animal orthopedic products, raise search engine visibility for core keywords and drive more traffic to the ecommerce product pages. Finally, maintain existing keyword rankings for core phrases and slowly expand to include new target keywords.


Step 1: Separating the Good from the Bad

With any search engine optimization project, the most costly long-term mistakes are made before the work even begins. Research must take place before optimizing for a single keyword. Knowing which keywords drive conversions (sales or leads) and which keywords lead to high bounce rates (defined as the rate at which the visitor leaves the website after landing on a page—the lower the better) can save a company thousands of dollars in the long run.

With a fixed monthly budget, we wanted to know which keywords to rank for in the top spots of Google and other search engines. Search engine optimization takes time to achieve results and we wanted to be 100% sure that our efforts were going to drive high-quality traffic and traffic that wants to buy.

In our Keyword Analysis, we uncovered a list of 100+ keywords that would be potentially beneficial to rank for. Each keyword was defined according to numerous variables, including monthly searches performed in Google, the level of advertiser competition, difficulty in ranking based on competitors and the websites current ranking for the keyword. But we didn’t stop there.

Yes we had theoretical data according to the analytic tools but we didn’t have actionable data. In order to cross-match the analytic tools with actual data, we set up a Google Adwords Pay per Click Advertising account. The Adwords account was organized in keyword groups and segmented by theme (dog, animal, ankle splint, knee brace, etc). The Adwords account ran for 45 days. The results helped determine the top keyword performers from the bottom keyword underperformers.

Step 2: Laying the Foundation

Between the Keyword Analysis and Google Adwords data, we were able to produce a list of target keywords and phrases which would constitute the core keywords (defined as the most valuable keywords in terms of ranking in the top position of Google and other search engines). The target keywords ranged from more difficult two-word phrases (“dog brace”) to moderate four word phrases (“knee splint for dog”). After looking over all the data, we were able to develop a six month timeline for when we expected to hit our goals. The moderate four word phrases would achieve our desired result in 3-4 months and the more difficult two word phrases would potentially take 5-6 months.

Step 3: Realistic Goals. Exceeding Expectations

When we laid out the six month plan, the focus was the core group of target keywords and phrases based on data indicating Orthovet would stand to benefit from the most shop-cart purchases. The core group consisted of 8 individual target keywords and phrases.

As with all SEO projects, we were careful to not over promise our keyword projections because of the many uncontrollable factors with the Google ranking algorithm. To our surprise, we began to see many of our two word phrases outpace our projected rankings entering into month three. Recognizing the fact that many of our core 8 keywords were going to reach their target objectives before the end of our six month agreement, we added 12 new keywords to the account. In total, we were now up to 20 target keywords and phrases, more than the original allocated amount.


Analytic Tools

orthovet keyword research


orthovet google adwords

Traffic and Conversions


orthovet google analytics traffic report


orthovet google analytics conversions


From a keyword ranking perspective, Orthovet ranked #1 in Google for almost every target keyword and phrase. As a result, in six short months we had grown the website traffic 85%, adding an additional 1,600 visitors per month. And the most important statistic, orders for dog orthopedics jumped 150% to an all time company high.

What we believe is the most telling piece of data is the quality of visitor. Normally, when traffic increases 85%, orders increase at about the same rate. In Orthovet’s case, retail orders climbed 150%.

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