• 112% more organic visits from Google, Yahoo, and Bing

  • 151% more units sold

  • 88% more visitors bought something


Orthovet creates braces and splints for animals. Veterinarians throughout the U.S. recommended their orthopedic products, but Orthovet’s competitors were dominating the search results.


Pet owners and vets were using Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to find animal orthopedics -- we just needed to find out what phrases they type into the search bar. We researched which phrases were the most popular and which ones were the most likely to result in a sale. We came up with 20 keyword phrases that Orthovet should go after.

Then we put those keyword phrases in natural places on Orthovet’s website, including subpages and blog posts. Last, we scoured the web for sites that would support Orthovet’s mission. We got links to Orthovet’s site from other websites, as well as mentions in online industry publications. The results were more visitors, more buyers, and more products sold.

The 33% traffic growth from Google, Yahoo, and Bing also increased purchases by 151% (from 63 to 158 products sold).