Founded in 2009, DelMain Analytics is a full-service Digital Marketing, Web Design and SEO agency in Portland, Oregon. We provide our clients with awesome customer service and results driven marketing. We believe every dollar invested into digital marketing is an opportunity to grow your business.

We’re guided by our core values:

  • Curiosity - We are open to the possibility that there is a better way to do things.
  • Neighborly - We share in mutual communication, respect, and trust. 
  • Balanced - We maintain a healthy work-life balance in all of our relationships. 
  • Partnership - We build lasting relationships with our carefully-chosen partners.


Dan Delmain

Area of Expertise:
Digital Marketing Strategy

If I didn’t love the challenges of growing a small business, I wouldn’t have started one myself!

After nearly 10 years, I’m proud to be learning something new every day, partnering with great clients, and excited to continue growing our in-house team of digital marketing experts.

Here’s what I promise every DelMain Analytics client:

  1. We’re your partner and an extension of your marketing team, not just another vendor to be managed.
  2. We work for you, not your competition. One client per industry per city.
  3. We’re always perfecting our product and looking for ways to help your business grow.
  4. You’ll never wonder what we’re doing or why. Your questions, input, and effort are essential to our shared success.

Interested? Let’s talk. Give me a call at (503) 477-9298.


Nathan Rome

Areas of Expertise:
Account Management, Digital Marketing Strategy

Paul Cole

Areas of Expertise:
Content Strategy, Copywriting, Blogging

Shauna Simons

Areas of Expertise:
Copywriting, Blogging, Social Media

Paul Ostrow

Areas of Expertise:
Copywriting, Blogging, Social Media



Areas of Expertise:
Technical & Local SEO, Paid Advertising

Jake braught

Areas of Expertise:
Paid Advertising, Social Media Strategy

jeff cummings

Areas of Expertise:
Web Design and Development

Khali Lanning

Areas of Expertise:
Web Design and Development

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 search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

 paid advertising

Paid Advertising

 local search optimization

Local Search Optimization

 web design and development

Web Design & Development



 social media management

Social Media

Are You a Good Fit? We Love Working With...

Service-based small businesses targeting a local area.

We don't work with the Nikes and Intels of the world. Dentists, lawyers, home remodelers, and roofers are typical DelMain Analytics clients, but we partner with successful small businesses in a wide variety of industries.