Search Engine Optimization

SEO Case Study

Samuelson's Buyers buys unwanted luxury jewelry and wished to connect with more clients. With a small marketing budget and a desire to rank organically for many keywords, they increased sales appointments 73%.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO Case Study

Dani had zero visibility for all “wedding photographer” Google searches. Now ranking in the “A” and “B” local maps positions, her summer is completely booked.

Paid Advertising Pay Per Click PPC

Paid Advertising Case Study

Wanting to reduce their marketing cost per lead, ARTparenting turned to Google Adwords. Average cost per lead dropped 66% in six months, saving ARTparenting over $12K/year.

Social Media Management

Social Media Case Study

Last year, Molly’s Fund had fewer than 1K Facebook “likes” and little activity. Ten months later, they now have over 11K “Likes” and boast the most active Lupus Awareness FB page.

Website Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization Case Study

Without expanding their marketing budget, Certified Languages increased their lead conversion rate by 60%, generating an additional 846 leads / year.

Small Business Website Case Study

Blodgett Dental Care had plenty of website traffic but not many visitors were contacting Dr. Blodgett for appointments. We built a new website with a better user experience and the leads simply followed.

SoMe Social Media Award Finalist

Social Media Award Finalist

DelMain Analytics was announced as a SOME (Social Media) Award finalist in three categories for a non-profit campaign.

Industry Case Studies


Lawyer Case Study

In the past year, Judnich Law has grown from employing 1 associate attorney to needing 3 associate attorneys thanks to a steadily increasing number of leads.


In October 2015, Blodgett Dental Care saw 41 new patients-- nearly three times more than the 14 patients he saw in October of the previous year. As Dr. Blodgett says, “my practice has never been stronger.”


In 6 months, DelMain Analytics helped a local home remodeling firm achieve double the number of active projects and vastly increased brand visibility.