• Made leads 60% cheaper while saving an average of $59 per lead

  • Increased conversion rate 198% resulting in 1 out of 12 visitors converting

  • Generated 133% more leads using the same AdWords budget amount


ARTparenting connects surrogate mothers with would-be parents. ARTparenting had plenty of demand from couples, but not enough surrogate mothers. Unfortunately, there were already a ton of ads in that space. Plus, the cost per lead was way too high, at more than $125. They needed more leads -- and cheaper leads, too.


We assessed the competition and found one glaring weakness: Competitors were targeting the entire U.S., and their landing pages were general, not specific to any location. This was our opportunity.

First, we created 13 different landing pages, one for each state in ARTparenting’s target area. The pages included specific local information, like state laws about surrogacy, compensation, and other details.


Next, we created 13 different ad campaigns in Google Adwords, writing specific local ads for each state. This allowed us to send potential surrogate mothers to state-specific landing pages where we expected the conversion rates would be much higher. And they were. Not only did ARTparenting get more leads, but the cost per lead fell dramatically. This resulted in 133% more leads using the same budgeted amount.



Ellen Emmerich ARTparenting

"My marketing and design studio began working with Dan of DelMain Analytics in March 2012. Although we're in New York City and DelMain Analytics is on the other side of the country, his team has been a great fit. They have consistently increased my clients' online visibility -- and dramatically helped to increase leads. They began by developing successful pay-per-click ad campaigns using Google Adwords and landing pages that have been ongoing and evolving. Thanks to DelMain Analytics' search engine optimization (SEO) expertise and keyword optimization, we were able to target specific audiences in specific regions -- and the results have been impressive."

- Ellen Emmerich, Emmerich Young Studio