The new  site design fits nicely on many devices so all customers have a great experience.

The new  site design fits nicely on many devices so all customers have a great experience.


  • 11% reduction in bounce rate sitewide

  • 22% increase in organic traffic (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

  • 101% increase in visits to the contact page


Blodgett Dental Care, a popular dental clinic in Portland, was getting visitors to their website, but people weren’t getting in touch. The website was functioning more as an informational resource than a conversion machine.

The site originally had poor aesthetics, including a dark and outdated design with crowded text and a bad smartphone experience. The site used cheesy stock photos that were too small. The robotic text had SEO keywords obviously stuffed in, and there was no logical path for visitors to take throughout the site. It was difficult to tell if the site was soliciting new clients or just sharing general dental info.


We improved 5 key aspects of the Blodgett Dental Care site: aesthetics, flow, photos, copy, and calls to action.

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We created a mobile-friendly design with modern colors and plenty of space. This included big, beautiful photos of happy people fitting the target demographic. We wrote simple, straightforward language that empathizes and supports the reader (and sounds like a human actually wrote it). Everything is easy to find, thanks to intuitive central navigation with subpages for dental services. And all of the messaging encourages visitors to call, email, make an appointment, or engage on social media.

And early results show the new site is a huge hit! More people are finding the site, fewer people immediately hit “back” to get out of the site once they’re there, and almost twice as many people are finding the contact page.