• 60% more leads

  • 52% higher conversion rate

  • 12% fewer potential clients abandoned the contact form


Certified Languages International (CLI) provides translators when companies need someone to interpret over the phone, via video, or for a written document. Potential clients were visiting the CLI website, but they would leave before filling out the contact form, or would only fill it out partway.


We immediately realized CLI’s contact form was too long. We cut out three of the 10 required fields on the “Request a Quote” page. Even after that, we wanted to make sure people would actually fill out the form, so we experimented with breaking the form into two steps.


In step 1, we asked the potential client easy yes/no questions to engage them. In step 2, we asked for their contact details. We spent 4 hours planning, developing, and testing the new 2-step contact form. It was a huge improvement over the old process resulting in 60% more leads.



“We’ve been completely happy with DelMain Analytics. They’ve assisted us with everything from search engine optimization to paid advertising, social media, and conversion optimization. With their help, we’ve watched our number of leads increase every month, contributing to 25% growth year over year. The entire team is extremely knowledgeable and patient and always takes the time to walk us through the inner workings of SEO and social media. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to boost their online presence.”

- Jen Schade, Director of Corporate Communications, Certified Languages International