• #1 rankings for “personal injury lawyer,” “criminal attorney,” “car accident lawyer,” and “dui attorney” 
  • 94% increase in overall site traffic
  • 215% increase in contact form submissions


Adding Associate Attorneys and Expanding Service Offerings

Martin Judnich, owner of Judnich Law had the ambitious goals of adding more associate attorneys, expanding his practice’s service offerings, and eventually purchasing a new building for his growing practice to call home. 

He needed a trusted partner to help him acquire new clients through his firm’s website. In order to maximize profits to reinvest in his growing practice, Martin also needed to minimize his client acquisition cost without sacrificing the volume or quality of leads.

Enter DelMain Analytics.


Unique Site Content and Stronger Calls to Action

After assessing the current digital marketing landscape, we recommended 2 primary improvements:

  • Increase the quality and volume of “owned” content on JudnichLaw.com-- content unique to Martin’s practice that prospective clients would recognize as unique and valuable.
  • Reinforce calls to action throughout JudnichLaw.com, especially on critically important and high-traffic criminal defense and personal injury pages.

The content strategy team at DelMain Analytics went to work, adding:

  • Compelling photos throughout the website to avoid overwhelming visitors with text.
  • Rewritten, targeted content emphasizing the use of shorter paragraphs, bulleted lists, and informative headings to maximize “skimmability” and hold a potential new client’s interest.
  • Clear calls to action focusing on Judnich Law’s free consultations and professional accolades.

Did you know that for nearly 90% of consumers, online reviews carry as much weight as a personal recommendation?

Our research of law firms in the Missoula area showed a lack of online client reviews for Judnich Law’s main competitors. We recognized this opportunity to set Judnich Law apart from the competition and took advantage.

Using an aggressive and proactive plan to solicit reviews from satisfied clients, Judnich Law added 19 Google reviews in only 4 months. This brought the practice to a total of 23 5-star reviews. Their closest competitor has only 3 reviews.

Rounding out our strategy to improve organic search rankings, we pursued quality offsite links back to the Judnich Law website. Judnich Law became the #1 Google search result for virtually every important keyword and phrase.


Finally, to further maximize Judnich Law’s presence in relevant Google searches, we launched an effective paid advertising campaign using Google AdWords to complement our high rankings in organic searches. 

Instead of a scattershot approach to spending, we kept budgets lean and mean. We only bid on keywords and phrases we knew would yield new clients, maximizing ROI and profits Martin could put to use growing his practice.



"Since our Law Office hired DelMain Analytics, we have experienced a significant increase in SEO which has directly affected people calling us, and becoming clients. DelMain helps us in every aspect of internet advertising and content creation and I feel like we will be at the front of the pack for our city with their help. I could not be more pleased."

- Marty Judnich, Owner