Social Media Case Study Mollys Fund


  • 12,293 more Facebook likes (and we didn’t buy them)

  • 1,682 more Facebook users interacted

  • 59,501 more Facebook users reached


Molly’s Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting lupus, had a clear, consistent voice on its website...but not its Facebook page. The Molly’s Fund Facebook page was lacking in both direction and drive. As a result, there were very few Facebook fans and little to no engagement.


First, we listened to the online lupus community in order to find out their wants and needs -- and how Molly’s Fund could support and engage them. We felt that to have the biggest effect, Molly’s Fund should…

  1. Use a supportive, friendly tone

  2. Post graphics, memes, and other easily shareable content

  3. Discuss lupus triumphs, the latest research, and community events


In the beginning, we invested $10 a day in Facebook ads to get more likes, but soon these amazing, shareable Facebook posts attracted throngs of Facebook fans on their own. About 80% of the Facebook likes were completely organic. Through this and paid advertising, the Molly’s Fund Facebook presence grew tenfold, engagement was 421 times higher, and reach was 1,400 times higher. To put this into perspective, the average Molly’s Fund Facebook post reached 42 people before we stepped in, and afterward, average reach was nearly 60,000.


"Working with Dan and his team from DelMain Analytics over the past 3 years he has been able to provide measurable results to the age old statement: We all know that marketing works- we just do not know what half of that budget is wasted! That’s where the team from DelMain Analytics can really make a difference in how you track, spend and then verify the results of those very precious marketing dollars. Dan and his team took the time to understand who our client is and which would be the best way for us to communicate with them through the many different social media platforms. The DelMain Analytics team started by showing us how to build a solid foundation by creating a well thought out plan that would drive all of our SEO and then provide us with the analytics to verify our successes and a few misses. The results to date are amazing as we watch our growth on Facebook along with the all the other social media formats, our increased website visibility has driven increased website traffic resulting in very personal connection with our clients. There easy to work with style along with great communication skills resulted in excellent results in a short period of time for us. The team is awesome and I highly recommend them to take your Social media and SEO to the next level."

- David L. Szyplinski, Director (former)

Our social media efforts for Molly’s Fund got us to the Finalist round in three categories in the 2013 SoMe (Social Media) Awards. Learn more here.