• #1 rankings for "sell jewelry," "diamond buyers," "watch buyers," and many other valuable keywords
  • 92% increase in organic traffic (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • 121% increase in pages per visit
  • 36% increase in average time on site
  • 73% increase in sales appointments


Samuelson's Buyers is a family-owned jewelry business with offices in Baltimore and the Washington D.C. metro area. For nearly 100 years, the Samuelsons have become known as one of the most trusted and respected jewelers in the region. They buy and sell diamonds, gold, silver, and other valuables. 

Their biggest challenge? Increased competition, from other local jewelers, as well as online-only businesses, both increased the cost of acquiring customers through paid advertising channels and made ranking for local search terms difficult. Their website, developed in 1890, wasn't ranking well organically for the keywords they cared about and wasn't converting new visitors into qualified sales leads.

To continue growing their business they needed:

  • A website built to rank well for their most important keywords
  • Search engine optimized content that would draw visitors to their website and turn them into qualified leads
  • Improved visibility in local search results

Enter DelMain Analytics.



Our content strategy began with the development of a new mobile-responsive website built with a single goal in mind: create an outstanding user experience anchored by high-quality content and frequent calls-to-action throughout.

By working closely with the business owners and researching frequently searched keywords, our content team was able to write long form blog posts and website pages that not only rank well in Google searches, but also:

  • Maintains the authoritative and trustworthy, yet friendly and approachable, voice and image that is a cornerstone of the Samuelson's Buyers brand
  • Shows website visitors the unique value proposition of Samuelson's Buyers, as well as how that value is delivered
  • Encourages website visitors to engage with the content, providing clear calls-to-action no matter where they are in the customer's journey

The new Samuelson Buyer's website is built around:

  • Long form blog posts focusing on topics potential customers were searching for
  • Website pages built around important keywords and focused on driving organic traffic and providing real value to visitors

While working on their new website, the rest of our team focused on improving local search rankings. Our local search strategy was focused on optimizing for Google Places by:

  • Working with the business owners to build out a Google Plus page for their business
  • Putting location-specific keywords in all the right places on their site
  • Helping Samuelson's Buyers get new reviews from satisfied customers

To push our SEO results, out team reached out to industry leading websites, providing them with guest posts and authoritative articles to further establish the Samuelson's Buyers brand and create valuable links to the new website.

Altogether, our web design, content, local search optimization, and link creation strategies led to results the business owners were thrilled with.



“I've got no shortage of great things to say about working with DelMain Analytics. I'm seeing more new sales prospects than ever before and it's due in no small part to their hard work. From digital advertising to web design and development, all of their work has been absolutely top notch. They're easy to work with, follow through on their promises, and truly are experts in their field. I'd recommend DelMain Analytics to any business owner who's serious about online marketing.”

-- Ron Samuelson, Owner