SEO Case Study


Adam Greenman is an experienced personal injury, criminal defense & DUI attorney in Portland, OR. He began his career as a district attorney before transitioning into the highly competitive world of private practice law. While the value of his experience as a prosecutor should’ve spoken for itself, Google and other search engines didn’t agree.

His website ranked poorly for many important phrases like “dui attorney portland” and “portland criminal defense lawyer.” The DelMain Analytics team performed in-depth keyword research and updated his site to include the right keywords in the right places. Through Adam’s legal blog, we were able to connect with trusted websites and publications who in turn linked back to Adam’s website.

Over the course of 6 months, our efforts paid off. received more traffic, which resulted in more leads and more clients:

  • Top 3 rankings for "portland criminal defense lawyer", "dui attorney portland", and other valuable local phrases
  • 165% increase traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • 108% increase in new client opportunities

And the best part? We did it all honestly. We used none of the sketchy “black-hat SEO” tactics that might result in short-term gains that fizzle out quickly. (What’s the point of jumping to the top of Google one day, and falling back to page 12 the next?)

Adam’s site continues to rank highly for many of the most important keywords and phrases. Now it’s competing lawyers who are struggling to keep up.