Paid Advertising Case Study



ARTparenting finds surrogate mothers and connects them with people who want children. They were having trouble finding surrogate mothers, though, because the ad space was already very saturated, making leads prohibitively expensive. They needed cheaper leads and more of them.

We investigated what was going on and realized the competitors all had one thing in common: They were all targeting the entire U.S. ARTparenting, however, mainly focuses on 13 states. So we created unique landing pages and ads for each one. It was amazingly effective:

  • It lowered the average cost per lead by $84 (or 314%)

  • A whopping 383% more leads converted

ARTparenting was thrilled that they were reaching more surrogate mothers and spending less on the ads. We were thrilled that our client was happy -- and that we’d made an advertising breakthrough. And we can do the same for you.