Social Media Services


Here’s how we help:

  • Audience identification and engagement. We help you define your target audience on key social networks, from approximate age and location to interests.

  • Clearly defined social strategies. Based on who your online audience is, we can recommend social media posts, ads, and contests to best engage them, including when and how often to post.

  • Onsite content creation. We want your website and social presence to work together seamlessly. We can blog or create onsite content that makes visitors want to read, share, and convert.

  • Organic and paid content promotion. We help you figure out how to get more people to interact with your website content, whether it’s free posts on social media or Facebook ads, sponsored tweets, and promoted pins.

  • Online influencer identification. Getting a retweet from the right person can make your content go viral. We’ll help you pinpoint who to target and how to engage them.

Do these social media tactics actually work? You bet. Just ask Molly’s Fund.