Social Media Case Study



Molly’s Fund is a nonprofit that raises awareness and funding for lupus. Its website is vivacious and encouraging, but its Facebook page needed help. The enthusiastic, upbeat tone was nowhere to be found, and posts weren’t consistent. As you’d guess, they had few Facebook fans and no one was very engaged.

Before we jumped in and started posting anything, we listened to the existing lupus community online and what they cared about. Then we recommended Molly’s Fund share lupus victories, research, and events on Facebook in a positive tone. Memes, quotes, and other bite-size content would do well too, we thought. To get things rolling, we bought $10 worth of Facebook ads every day to get more likes -- and then things snowballed!

  • Their number of Facebook fans grew tenfold (by more than 12,000)

  • Molly’s Fund got 421 times as much engagement on their Facebook page

  • They went from reaching 42 fans per post to almost 60,000

Today, Molly’s Fund has a thriving Facebook community that matches its web presence. We’re happy we could play a part. Do you need that kind of social media growth too?