Conversion Optimization Case Study



Certified Languages International (CLI) provides voice, video, and document translation for businesses. They were attracting potential clients to their site, but something wasn’t working. People would leave without submitting the contact form.

We dug into the analytics and realized CLI was losing people because their contact form was too long. We removed some of the questions and split the remaining ones into two parts, some easy yes/no questions followed by contact info. The new contact form was a huge hit:

  • CLI’s conversion rate went up 52%

  • They got 50% more leads

  • 12% fewer potential clients abandoned the contact form

If something on your website is standing in your way, but you don’t know what it is, we’ll figure it out -- and increase your bottom line. As CLI Director of Corporate Communications Jen Schade says, “We’ve watched our number of leads increase every month, contributing to 25% growth year over year.” Conversion optimization works!