Work at a small law firm ebbs and flows. The right case can sustain you for months. But competition among firms is fierce. With egos and overblown claims, it can be hard to stand out.

Especially now that the internet is the first place people look for a lawyer. The phone book is definitely dead -- 90% of consumers search for local businesses online. Even with referrals, the first thing somebody does is google you. Do they like what they find or go right back to Facebook?

We can help you make sure your legal firm’s website not only gets more visibility, but gets clicks and conversions from the kind of clients you want. Keep reading below to find out how.

SEO for Lawyers

Get Quality Leads On A Consistent Basis

We turn your legal website into a completely hands-off lead generation machine that sends you quality prospects month after month. How? We make strategic changes to your law firm’s site so it becomes a sales funnel. More people find your website and then contact you. To make that happen, our process works like this:

  • Ask about your business objectives. What’s your goal? New clients? More contact form submissions by a certain type of clients (e.g., DUI or workers’ comp)? That will inform what strategies we use.
  • Research keywords. We figure out what people in your city are searching for. There might be an untapped market you can target, like same-sex divorce attorneys.
  • Improve your existing site. We make sure those target keywords are on your site in strategic places, and that your existing site pages encourage people to contact you.
  • Write. We’ll blog for you, edit blog posts you write, and/or create new site pages for you (like a dedicated page about what custody attorneys do, for example).
  • List your firm around the web. People look for lawyers on sites like Avvo and Yelp. We make sure your law firm has the best possible listing.
  • Acquire links. Getting links to your lawyer website helps it show up higher in search results.
  • Report back the results. We update you monthly on our progress, including any problem areas and proposed solutions.