OK, how much will this cost me?

Our clients pay a monthly retainer of $1,000 to $2,000, based on which services they need. If you’d just like consulting, our hourly rate is $150.


Do you think you can get me results?

If we decide to work together, then yes. We’re very upfront about it if we don’t think we’re a good match for what you need, in which case, we’ll gladly refer you to someone who is. At the same time as you’re vetting us, we’re vetting you to ensure this is a good fit. This careful selection process is partially why we have a 97% client retention rate.


How fast will I see results?

It may take a little while -- that’s why we ask for a six-month commitment (see related FAQ below). We spend the first two months laying the groundwork and making technical changes behind the scenes. By months 3 and 4, you may start seeing improvements. By months 5 and 6, we should really be hitting our stride and getting you results.


Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Not in the sense that we promise you’ll be #1 in Google. (Google is hard to predict and often suddenly changes its algorithm.) However, we do expect you’ll be quite happy with our results. We have nearly a decade of experience in conversion optimization and similar services for small to medium-sized businesses, so we’re quite good at what we do.

Is there a long-term commitment?

Nope! All we ask for is six months, because progress won’t happen overnight.


There’s an initial six-month commitment, because it can take that long to make major strides in search engine results (especially if your website needs a lot of improvements). After that, your contract becomes month-to-month, and you can cancel anytime. Our standalone consulting services are month-to-month.


How much do I have to pay to kick things off?

There’s no start-up fee. Once you pay the first month’s retainer, we get to work!


When will I get updates?

Every month we’ll send you a detailed client report that lays out traffic numbers -- visitors, clicks, conversions -- as well as where you’re ranking in search engines for target keywords. We’ll also provide a short commentary on the past month and recommendations and next steps for the following month.


Can I talk to your other clients?

Definitely. We’re extremely proud of our work, and we invite you to contact any of our existing clients. For someone who hired us specifically for conversion optimization, just ask.


How fast can you get up and running?

We’ll kick into high gear as soon as you sign the contract and pay the first month’s retainer!