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Should your company be on Facebook?

You’ve probably wondered this before. Maybe you created a business page on Facebook and you’re still wondering if it was the right choice.

After all, the users are there: 71% of American internet users are on Facebook. And advertisers are there. They poured an estimated $8.5 billion into social media advertising in 2014. It’s not just Fortune 500 companies that need a Facebook page either. Forbes says 78% of small businesses have gotten new customers from social media.

So why don’t you have any followers? Can social media actually help you get leads? And if so, what should you be doing differently?

We’ll tell you. We can help you figure out where, when, and how often to post to social media. Whether you want us to do it for you or teach you how, we can make sure you’re using the right platform and doing so effectively. We’ll teach you about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

And although it’s not technically a social network, we help with email newsletters too. We’re deeply immersed in the latest industry practices and know what gets results.

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