Small Business Web Design Portland

Without a website, no one knows you exist.

That sounds radical, but it’s true! Today, the first thing people do is Google your company. They want to know if you’re open, how to get there, and what your prices are. So if your company has a website already, great!

But you aren’t done yet.

In this day and age, customers expect your website will load fast and look great. They’re subconsciously judging you based on your website. If it’s clunky and slow, what does that say about you? It tells them you don’t really value your potential customers. And we know you do! That’s why you’re right here, reading about internet marketing.

Let me be honest with you: Our SEO, social media, and advertising efforts will not work for you if we’re sending people to a slow, outdated website. Which is why we can create a clean, simple, fast site for your business. (Here’s one example of a website we made for a Portland criminal defense lawyer and another for a Portland dentist.)

Our small business websites are not only beautiful, intuitive, and quick to load, but they work just as well on smartphones. Sometime this year, the smartphone will become the #1 way to access the internet -- even more popular than desktop computers, laptops, or tablets. Google even announced recently that mobile-friendly sites will get rewarded in the search results...and those that aren’t mobile friendly won’t show up as high. We don’t want your company to lose out when that happens.

Let us help you impress potential customers, maximize your SEO and other internet marketing efforts, and get more leads. If you only do one thing, make it be updating your website. Everything else flows from there.

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