About DelMain Analytics


If you’re skeptical about internet marketing, we understand. A lot of online marketers out there overpromise and underdeliver. Maybe they don’t have the experience they claimed, or they said they could get impossible results. You might not be getting the results you need from traditional marketing, yet you’re not convinced online marketing is worth the investment.


That’s OK. We get it!


But know that we’re different. We actually get results. If we don’t think we can, we let you know up front. As a result, our clients are overwhelmingly happy with our work – we have a 95% retention rate. We also take your dental SEO very seriously. We handle everything ourselves; there’s no outsourcing. We do everything in-house at our Portland office. And we always answer the phone and reply to email fast. Basically, we want your dental practice to succeed just as much as you do.


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