Paid Advertising

Stand out in a crowded landscape.

Paid Advertising Pay Per Click PPC

Almost 1 billion websites are online. People have launched about 300 million in the past year alone. Each website is the proverbial needle in a haystack or drop in the ocean. I wish being great were enough to make you stand out.

Social media and SEO should be enough to help you get visitors to your website, right? Why should you have to pay for advertising in an age where nobody pays for music or movies anymore? It just isn’t fair!

What I mean is...I feel your pain.

Paid advertising may seem archaic, but it is anything but obsolete. Paying for a Google ad or to get more eyes on a Facebook post can put your company over the edge, taking you from obscurity to abundance.

We don’t just flip a switch, though. We carefully research where would be best for you to advertise, then carefully craft an ad to get your target customers clicking. Here’s where you might advertise:

Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!

And that’s just the beginning! You can choose from search ads, display ads, and remarketing ads.

Search ads show up at the top and right side of the page when somebody searches for something:

Google Adwords PPC Paid Advertising Results

Display ads include banners on websites, Facebook posts you pay for, promoted Tweets, sponsored LinkedIn updates, and so on. Remarketing ads are shown to someone who visited your website but left before converting. They’ll see your ad afterward, while they’re browsing on Facebook or another site. It’s a great way to convert warm leads.

Display Advertising Remarketing Ads

Not only are we extremely experienced in Google AdWords ads and Bing Ads, but we’re certified in both:


Paid Advertising Services


Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Account setup and organization. Your ad campaign can be organized by states, cities, keywords, or other variables. We carefully lay the foundation for a successful ad campaign by determining the best hierarchy.

  • Conversion integration. When people see an ad for your company and your company in the natural search results, they are much more likely to click. We approach paid advertising with your overall website SEO in mind because they’re stronger together.

  • Keyword selection. Not only do we look into which keywords you should advertise for, but those you should exclude. There’s no use paying to get your ads in front of people who are looking for something different.

  • Ad copy. We have a team of writers cook up creative and compelling ads to make you stand out from the competition. Then we A/B test the ads to fine-tune what works best.

  • Build and audit post-click landing pages. A great ad is useless if people don’t find what they want when they click. We make sure the landing page your ad goes to is attractive, easy to use, and encourages conversions.


Do these techniques actually work? You bet. Just ask ARTparenting.

Paid Advertising Case Study



ARTparenting finds surrogate mothers and connects them with people who want children. They were having trouble finding surrogate mothers, though, because the ad space was already very saturated, making leads prohibitively expensive. They needed cheaper leads and more of them.

We investigated what was going on and realized the competitors all had one thing in common: They were all targeting the entire U.S. ARTparenting, however, mainly focuses on 13 states. So we created unique landing pages and ads for each one. It was amazingly effective:

  • It lowered the average cost per lead by $84 (or 314%)

  • A whopping 383% more leads converted

ARTparenting was thrilled that they were reaching more surrogate mothers and spending less on the ads. We were thrilled that our client was happy -- and that we’d made an advertising breakthrough. And we can do the same for you.




How expensive is this?

Our clients pay a monthly retainer of $1,000 to $2,000, based on which services are included. We charge an hourly rate of $150 for consulting.


How do I know this will work?

We choose our clients carefully. If we don’t think we can get you results, we’ll refer you to someone who can. Just like you vet us, we spend time vetting you and making sure this is a good fit. We have a 97% client retention rate, so you know that our clients are overwhelmingly pleased with our results.


How fast can you get results?

It all depends on Google. Google checks some sites once a month or less, and other sites several times a day. If your site loads slowly, has errors, is rarely updated, has few links to it, and doesn’t have a sitemap, Google won’t crawl it very often. It usually takes us a couple months to lay the groundwork, and then you’ll start to see results in the third and fourth month. By the fifth and sixth months, we really hit our stride and you should definitely be seeing results.


Do you guarantee success?

The short answer is no. If we could predict exactly how Google will act, then yes (we’d also be insanely wealthy, come to think of it). Since Google changes its algorithms without warning, we might get you to the first page one day -- only to fall back several pages the next. But in general, yes, you’ll probably be quite happy with our results, due to our experience and motivation.

How long is the contract?

We ask for an initial commitment of six months, because it can take that long to see major results, especially if your website is slow or out of date. After six months, you can cancel anytime -- your contact becomes month-to-month after that. Our consulting services alone are month-to-month.


What fees do you charge?

There is no fee to get started, just the first month’s retainer. If you want additional services outside of the monthly retainer, we will agree together on them before you see any charges. We don’t believe in nickel-and-diming our clients.


When do you share the results with me?

Every month! We use Google Analytics as well as proprietary data to create a monthly report just for you. The report includes your site’s traffic, clicks, conversions, and so forth, as well as where you’re ranking for a group of key search terms. We also include commentary on how the progress is going and what the next steps are.


May I speak with your references?

Of course. Please feel free to contact any of our existing clients. They’re all happy with what we’ve done. If you’d like to talk to a client who specifically used our paid advertising services, just ask.


When can we get started?

As soon as you sign the contract and pay the first month’s retainer! We can’t wait to help you get more website traffic, leads, and sales.