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Copy: written information (words)


How do website visitors become customers? 

Glad you asked! First, they need to be able to find your site (that’s why SEO is so important). Once they’re in, your visitors need a great website experience to help them find the exact information they’re looking for. They need to know how and why you can help them. You can show them with images and videos, but you also need to tell them. That’s where website copy comes in.

Copy (a.k.a. written information):

  • Gets customers to want to engage with you
  • Communicates the value your business offers
  • Helps your site rank higher on Google

Most importantly, good copy leads to more business. 

Businesses need copy on their window signs, print ads, coupons, and (you guessed it!) websites. In fact, your website copy might just be the most important copy you write. Simply having writing on your site isn’t enough, though. The internet is full of writing that is convoluted and uninteresting. That’s why when your writing is straightforward and compelling, your customers take action.

Did you know…

  • About 27 million pieces of content are shared each day?
  • Companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads
  • 52% of consumers say blogs have impacted their purchase decisions

(Statistics from Express Writers and intechnic)

 At DelMain Analytics, our content team knows how to write copy that’s exciting, informative, and effective -- copy that tells the story of your business and defines its value to your customers.

Copywriting Services

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Content Audit: A thorough investigation of your website includes all written content. We’ll identify what’s working, what’s not, and how we can improve the writing on your site.


  • Content Optimization: We’ll make sure the right keywords are woven seamlessly into your website copy, so that more potential customers can find you on Google.


  • Website Copywriting Strategy: Our goal is to create content that is both reflective of your brand’s identity and focused on driving conversions. 


  • Copywriting and Editing: We’ll work closely with you to rework existing content and create new content based on your strategy. If you’d like to do all your writing yourself, we’d be happy to help with editing.


Great content writing makes everything else we do at DelMain Analytics possible. It aids our SEO efforts, improves the conversion rates of your paid ad campaigns, and helps us turn your website into a conversion machine.

Copywriting Case Study


Caitlin Batchelor Dentistry is a dental practice in Harrisonburg, Virginia that specializes in creating long-term relationships with patients and providing gentle, high-quality care. Caitlin came to us in 2014 with the goal of getting more new patients in her office.

After we did keyword research to find out what her prospective patients were searching for, our content team worked closely with Caitlin to write for her website. We focused on communicating Caitlin’s professional dental expertise and her compassionate, friendly approach to dental care. 

Results from the same time the following year were incredible:

  • Organic traffic increased by 935%
  • Average time on page increased by 52%
  • New patient opportunities doubled

The best part is, results have continued to climb over time as we continue to improve Caitlin’s site. We’re not interested in simply churning out content to get you short-term results. We put in the work to ensure you see lasting results with consistent improvements.


Are there any onboarding fees?

There are no costs or fees to get started, just the first month’s retainer.


How involved will I be in the process?

That depends on you. Our content team will happily work with you to create content on your behalf or edit copy you write yourself. Just let us know how you prefer to work!


Will you send me progress updates?

Every month we send you a detailed report of our work and results supported by data, including rankings, site traffic, clicks, conversion rates, and more. You’ll also be in direct contact with our content team regularly.


Can I talk to your references?

Of course! You’re more than welcome to talk to any of our existing clients. If you’d like to talk to a client who specifically used our SEO copywriting services, just ask us.


How soon can we start?

As soon as you’re ready. Once you sign the contract and pay the first month’s retainer, we’ll get going!

How much do you charge?

Our clients’ monthly retainers range from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the services they need. Our hourly rate for consulting services is $150.


How long is the contract?

We ask for an initial commitment of six months, because it can take that long for Google to recognize improvements to your site. After six months, your contract becomes month-to-month, and you can cancel anytime.


Is DelMain Analytics a good fit for me?

Our goal is to deliver amazing results for every client. We won’t work with you if we don’t think we can get you results. If we don’t think we’re the right fit for your business we’ll tell you up front, and we’ll be happy to refer you to another agency who can meet your needs.


When will I start to see results? 

We work quickly, but that doesn’t mean Google will. While our copywriting efforts can begin to increase your site’s conversion rate right away, it can take a few months for Google to improve your rankings.