Conversion Optimization Services


Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Set up or audit analytics: If you don’t have Google Analytics or something similar, we’ll set it up on your website. If you already have website analytics, we’ll make sure everything is working properly and analyze the data you have so far.

  • Define conversion goals: Let’s talk about what you want -- sales, phone calls, appointments, contact form submissions, or something else. Then let’s set realistic goals and figure out how to get there.

  • Device and browser optimization: Maybe most of your customers visit your website on their smartphones, but it’s nearly impossible to complete a purchase that way. We’ll make sure your website loads quickly and that there aren’t any hurdles to convert on a tiny phone screen or a desktop computer.

  • Onsite content refinement: The solution could be as simple as making your “Contact Us” button green instead of red. Or changing the words to “Make An Appointment Now.” We’ll do some A/B testing to find out.

  • Rich media sourcing: A short-and-sweet video can dramatically boost your conversion rate, whether it’s a 360-degree look at one of your products or a quick message from your founder.


Does conversion optimization work? Most definitely. Just ask Certified Languages International.