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Make a great first impression.

Small Business Web Design Portland

Without a website, no one knows you exist.

That sounds radical, but it’s true! Today, the first thing people do is Google your company. They want to know if you’re open, how to get there, and what your prices are. So if your company has a website already, great!

But you aren’t done yet.

In this day and age, customers expect your website will load fast and look great. They’re subconsciously judging you based on your website. If it’s clunky and slow, what does that say about you? It tells them you don’t really value your potential customers. And we know you do! That’s why you’re right here, reading about internet marketing.

Let me be honest with you: Our SEO, social media, and advertising efforts will not work for you if we’re sending people to a slow, outdated website. Which is why we can create a clean, simple, fast site for your business. (Here’s one example of a website we made for a Portland criminal defense lawyer and another for a Portland dentist.)

Our small business websites are not only beautiful, intuitive, and quick to load, but they work just as well on smartphones. Sometime this year, the smartphone will become the #1 way to access the internet -- even more popular than desktop computers, laptops, or tablets. Google even announced recently that mobile-friendly sites will get rewarded in the search results...and those that aren’t mobile friendly won’t show up as high. We don’t want your company to lose out when that happens.

Let us help you impress potential customers, maximize your SEO and other internet marketing efforts, and get more leads. If you only do one thing, make it be updating your website. Everything else flows from there.

 Small Business Website Portland OR Timberhill Dental

Small Business Website Services

Here's what we offer:

Templated solutions. Sure, if you’re Coca-Cola or Nike, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a website hand-coded from the ground up. Small businesses, however, often don’t have $20,000 to burn -- and most of the time, you simply don’t need something that elaborate. (Why reinvent the wheel?) We use the latest Squarespace and Wordpress templates to create a gorgeous, modern design, then we customize it just for you.

Web-optimized images. Large image file size is one of the top reasons that a website loads slowly. Not only do we compress photos so they load quickly without any loss in quality, but we source high-quality imagery that doesn’t look like cheesy stock photos.

Cost effectiveness. Our small business websites are much more affordable than hiring a web designer and developer. We know you want to use your budget wisely and get the best ROI. Our sites are a vast improvement over your current site -- promise! -- without plunging you into debt.

Content creation. In the process of migrating to a new site, you may find you need new pages for certain services or products. Our content experts will help you fill in the gaps or even start blogging for you regularly (search engines like that). We not only talk up your business but create pages that are conversion funnels, converting your visitors into leads.

Responsive design. Making your website mobile-friendly isn’t an afterthought. It’s one of our biggest considerations every step of the way. There’s no use in having a flashy website if it’s impossible to use on a smartphone.

Easy management. You’re busy. You shouldn’t have to learn HTML or complicated interfaces just to write a new blog post or update your company’s hours on your website. Both Wordpress and Squarespace offer user-friendly dashboards. You’ll catch on quickly.


Small Business website Case Study


 Small Business Website Case Study Portland Blodgett Dental

Blodgett Dental Care, a popular dental clinic in Portland, was getting visitors to their website, but people weren’t getting in touch. The website was functioning more as an informational resource than a conversion machine.

We improved aesthetics, flow, photos, copy, and calls to action that resulted in:

  • 22% increase in organic traffic (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

  • 25% increase in average time on site

  • 230% increase in new patient opportunities

We created a mobile-friendly design with beautiful photos, modern colors, and plenty of space. We wrote simple, straightforward language that empathizes and supports the reader (and sounds like a human actually wrote it). Everything is easy to find and all of the messaging encourages visitors to call, email, make an appointment, or engage on social media.

And early results show the new site is a huge hit! More people are finding the site, fewer people immediately hit “back” to get out of the site once they’re there, and almost twice as many people are finding the contact page.



How much do you charge?

We charge a small fraction of what large graphic design firms do. Typically, our clients pay $6,000 to $12,000 for a new website, depending on how complex your site is. You’ll pay half up front and the other half when we’re finished.


Is this a good fit for my business?

That’s the first thing we’ll figure out. If you’re looking to spend $15,000 or more on a website and have it custom-designed and hand-coded from scratch, we aren’t the partner for you. But if you need a cost-effective website that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and mobile-friendly, you’ll love us. As much as you’re vetting us, we also vet all of our potential clients to ensure it will be a beneficial partnership. If not, we’re happy to refer you to someone who can better meet your needs.


How fast will this happen?

Since we work with templated website solutions, your small business site can be up and running much quicker than if we built it from scratch. Your site will be ready in a matter of weeks instead of months. The specific timetable will depend on how many site pages you have and how complex the features are.

So a new site will get me more leads and clients?

Not overnight. It will take Google a little while to index your new site and pass on benefits in the form of higher search engine rankings. But yes, an updated site will go a long way to increase customer satisfaction, convert leads, and engage people more. It also helps you get more results from related internet marketing efforts like online advertising and social media.


Do you guarantee my new site will be #1 in Google?

No -- but we do expect you’ll be very pleased, both with your new site and with the influx of clients from our efforts. Google’s algorithm can change at any time, so we don’t promise a certain ranking. But we do expect we’ll get you more leads, because we have nearly a decade of experience doing this and a 97% client retention rate. Our current clients are very happy, and we think you probably will be, too.


Can I talk to some references?

Definitely. We’re very proud of what we do. You’re welcome to call any of our existing clients, or just ask if you’d like to talk to clients we specifically designed websites for.

How quickly can you get started?

As soon as you sign the contract and pay half up front, we’ll get to work!