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Should your company be on Facebook?

You’ve probably wondered this before. Maybe you created a business page on Facebook and you’re still wondering if it was the right choice.

After all, the users are there: 71% of American internet users are on Facebook. And advertisers are there. They poured an estimated $8.5 billion into social media advertising in 2014. It’s not just Fortune 500 companies that need a Facebook page either. Forbes says 78% of small businesses have gotten new customers from social media.

So why don’t you have any followers? Can social media actually help you get leads? And if so, what should you be doing differently?

We’ll tell you. We can help you figure out where, when, and how often to post to social media. Whether you want us to do it for you or teach you how, we can make sure you’re using the right platform and doing so effectively. We’ll teach you about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

And although it’s not technically a social network, we help with email newsletters too. We’re deeply immersed in the latest industry practices and know what gets results.

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Social Media Services


Here’s how we help:

  • Audience identification and engagement. We help you define your target audience on key social networks, from approximate age and location to interests.

  • Clearly defined social strategies. Based on who your online audience is, we can recommend social media posts, ads, and contests to best engage them, including when and how often to post.

  • Onsite content creation. We want your website and social presence to work together seamlessly. We can blog or create onsite content that makes visitors want to read, share, and convert.

  • Organic and paid content promotion. We help you figure out how to get more people to interact with your website content, whether it’s free posts on social media or Facebook ads, sponsored tweets, and promoted pins.

  • Online influencer identification. Getting a retweet from the right person can make your content go viral. We’ll help you pinpoint who to target and how to engage them.

Do these social media tactics actually work? You bet. Just ask Molly’s Fund.

Social Media Case Study



Molly’s Fund is a nonprofit that raises awareness and funding for lupus. Its website is vivacious and encouraging, but its Facebook page needed help. The enthusiastic, upbeat tone was nowhere to be found, and posts weren’t consistent. As you’d guess, they had few Facebook fans and no one was very engaged.

Before we jumped in and started posting anything, we listened to the existing lupus community online and what they cared about. Then we recommended Molly’s Fund share lupus victories, research, and events on Facebook in a positive tone. Memes, quotes, and other bite-size content would do well too, we thought. To get things rolling, we bought $10 worth of Facebook ads every day to get more likes -- and then things snowballed!

  • Their number of Facebook fans grew tenfold (by more than 12,000)

  • Molly’s Fund got 421 times as much engagement on their Facebook page

  • They went from reaching 42 fans per post to almost 60,000

Today, Molly’s Fund has a thriving Facebook community that matches its web presence. We’re happy we could play a part. Do you need that kind of social media growth too?



How long is the contract?

There’s an initial six-month commitment, because it can take that long to make major strides in search engine results (especially if your website needs a lot of improvements). After that, your contract becomes month-to-month, and you can cancel anytime. Our standalone consulting services are month-to-month.


Is there a fee to get things started?

Nope! You just pay the first month’s retainer, and then we start the work.


How do you keep me updated on progress?

We’ll send you a detailed client report at the beginning of each month with statistics on the previous month’s performance. Your report will include data about traffic, clicks, and leads from Google Analytics, as well as data on your keyword performance from proprietary databases we have access to. We also describe next steps and the plan for the coming month. (Of course, we’re in regular phone and email contact with you during the month as well.)


May I call some references?

Of course! We’re very proud of our work. Feel free to get in touch with any of our existing clients. To talk to a social media client specifically, just ask, and we’ll let you know who to call.

What are your prices?

Depending which services you’re interested in, you’ll pay a monthly retainer of $1,000 to $2,000. If you’d simply like consulting, we charge $150 per hour.


Will this work for my business?

Yes! We don’t promise your website will be #1 in Google, but we are very careful about who we work with. We won’t partner with you unless we’re pretty sure we can get results. As much as you’re vetting us, we’re also vetting you to make sure this is a good fit. If not, we’ll happily refer you to someone else. Clients we do work with are overwhelmingly happy -- we have a 97% client retention rate, which should tell you how good we are at this.


How soon will I get more leads and clients?

Not instantly. It takes Google a while to reflect website changes. We spend the first two months on technical behind-the-scenes work, which will start paying off in months 3 and 4. By months 5 and 6, you should be seeing the results you want.


Is satisfaction guaranteed?

Yes and no. We don’t guarantee a certain ranking in Google, because they change their algorithm unexpectedly. But we do expect you’ll love our results, because we have nearly a decade of experience doing this for small to medium-sized businesses. Not only are we extremely motivated, but our clients are very happy. We think you will be, too.


Great! When can you start?

As soon as you sign the contract and pay the retainer for the first month! Let’s get going!